Feb 6, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Oh what a wonderful weekend! Andy and I went back to our hometown this weekend and had such a great time. A good friend of mine created an art show in a vacant building downtown. She called the show Guerrilla Gallery and it was up for one night only. She asked me if I would make some chocolate truffles for the event, so I agreed and then Andy and I decided to make a weekend of it. The truffles turned out great an the art show was fantastic...such talented artists! My friend who put the whole event together actually sold most of her artwork. She rocks! The rest of the weekend was spent with good friends and family enjoying ourselves completely. One morning my brother made us personal homemade latte's from his espresso machine. He roasts his own beans and takes great pride in pulling the perfect shot of espresso. It was so much fun to watch him and learn about the process. I am on such a high from this weekend, but now it is back to reality. Happy Monday!

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