Sep 30, 2011

An inspirational speech from Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, silent film star from the 30s makes an inspirational speech. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Happy Friday!

Sep 29, 2011

Old Photo Thursday

Ahhh horse diving... I was recently thinking about an old favorite movie of mine, "Wild Hearts can't be Broken", and then I found this picture. It definitely reminds me of the movie. It was a movie about horse diving and love and conquering all. You know, one of those heart warming love stories with a little adventure and risk involved. I just can't believe they actually used to do this! Can you imagine going to or participating in a horse diving show??

Sep 28, 2011

Luscious Libations

I just had to share this dress. What a riot! The name of the dress is Luscious Libations and it comes from Mod Cloth. Alcohol labels on a dress is an original idea if I've ever heard of one. I don't know where I would wear this dress...maybe in some sort of Halloween costume? But I love it!

Rain boots!

Functional & Fun Rainboots

I think it has been raining here in Washington DC for about three weeks now. You heard me, THREE weeks! I thought Seattle was supposed to be the rainy city, not DC. Well either way, I decided to find some fun and functional boots to wear in the rain. I have always been a strong supporter of the colorful statement rain boot. Why wear a plain rain boot when the weather is already so dreary and boring. (So you probably wonder why I have grey boots in there...well that's just to mix it up. Plus there is something about that flat grey that draws me in.) Oh these boots make me if only the sun would come out.

Sep 27, 2011

Plooop Chair

(Images from:

This is a Plooop Chair. Interesting name for an interesting chair. The maker is Timothy Schreiber: "The continuous plywood rings touch and detach at key points, melding the chair's structural elements in one fluid motion and creating an elegant and harmonious form."
I truly enjoy modern looking furniture like this!

Sep 26, 2011

Where people spend time online

I just read an article about this. Facebook's stats of people spending time on their site go up and up. Now even more so than time spent on Google. And Yahoo or AOL...who even knew these sites existed anymore... According to this chart, Facebook is without a doubt taking over the internet. How much time do you spend on facebook?

Street Art

I love this kind of street art that makes you give it a second glance. Sometimes the depth perception paintings really mess with me though. Happy Monday!

Sep 24, 2011


GUCCI - Fall / Winter 2011-2012 Full Fashion Show

Happy first day of Fall! To kick off the Fall season I'd like to share a Gucci fashion show. I always enjoy watching fashion shows for the creativity and theatrical element of entertainment that they bring. I especially LOVE all the turquoise in this collection.

Sep 22, 2011

Dual purpose Structured Scarves

This unique scarf is by a husband & wife design team called Symmetry Goods. They wanted to do scarves for this fall that had more structure to them. They are also dual purpose. Some of them can be made into bags...say for impromptu shopping trips to the farmers market. Just take off your scarf and fill it with goods! How neat. A lot of their fall scarves are also made from Guatemalan and Japanese fabrics. I love the unexpected combination.

Old Photo Thursday

(Photo from:

I just love old photographs! I get excited for Thursday to roll around so I can post my latest favorite. One of these days I'll get out some old family photos to share. This photograph is my favorite of the week because you can just feel the joy and excitement looking at it. The men pictured are very well dressed gentlemen, yet they are thrilled that this plane is flying. So thrilled in fact, that they feel compelled to lift their hats. How simply wonderful! This photo was taken in 1909 of the Farman Flying Machine.


(Photo from:

That's right, Macarons with one "o". Apparently these French cookies are all the rave. They have become very popular in Southern California. In DC not so much though, I think we are a little behind on what is popular. (Politics takes precedence in this city.) These colorful French delights are said to be the next cupcake though. I've been looking into recipes and from the reading that I have done, macarons are very temperamental and hard to make. This blog has some great background information and tips on the French macaron. There is even a recipe that I may try in the next few days!

Sep 21, 2011

Jewelery Organizer for the win!

I recently received this jewelery organizer from my Mother inlaw and I LOVE it! Before this, I was using a make-shift piece of plastic with holes in it, so having this has helped me to be so much more organized. She got it from a place called Wood Witch and I would highly recommend getting your own. They also have other styles and sizes.

Sep 20, 2011

Expensive to Affordable

Expensive to Affordable

These are some of my favorite jackets for the fall. Obviously the best brands and looks out there can be expensive. So I set out to find an affordable alternative. I am quite pleased with these options! For more information on them, click the picture and see where each jacket comes from.

Sep 19, 2011


(UPI Photo/Tim Clary/Files)
This morning is very overcast here in Washington, DC. I found this beautiful picture of the overcast capital taken on November 21, 1981. I love it! The overcast day has me down in the dumps though. I feel like far too often in the fall and winter our days here are overcast. That thought led me to research where some of the nicest places are in the US. This is what I found:

According to the Farmers Almanac the best city for weather is:

YUMA, ARIZONA—number one on our list because average precipitation is 2.65 inches, 17 rainy days per year, and number one for sunshine with 90%. It is third among the least humid cities, with an average relative humidity of just 38%. The drawback–—summer temperatures average at least 100º F from June 4 to September 24, and 105ºF from June 22 to August 26. But, hey, it’s dry heat!

Sep 16, 2011

Interchangeable Shoes

Interchangeable shoes by The sole of the shoe can easily be taken off and another added. You can have shoes and flip-flops of a variety of colors without having to buy a whole new shoe. They were developed based off of the Lego blocks. Very unique and creative!

Old Photographs

I love this old photograph from the MoMA collection in NY. It was taken in the 1900s, but the photographer is unknown. It makes you wonder...who are these ladies, what is the occasion, where are they, what kind of life do they live? It is a mystery held in a photograph that I will never know.

dove evolution

This is an interesting video/commercial put out by Dove Soap. It just goes to show how much of the things we see in media are not 100% true.

Sep 15, 2011

Rainy Days...

There's something romantic about a rainy day in an exotic place. If only I were in this picture today.

Dreamy Dresses

Part of the Spring 2012 collection for Oscar de la Renta. Fluffy and wispy and dreamy, oh my!

Sep 8, 2011



It's Fashion Week in NYC. This is just one of many trends for the fall. I don't think I'll be rocking this one too soon. Although, the shoes aren't so bad.
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