Sep 19, 2011


(UPI Photo/Tim Clary/Files)
This morning is very overcast here in Washington, DC. I found this beautiful picture of the overcast capital taken on November 21, 1981. I love it! The overcast day has me down in the dumps though. I feel like far too often in the fall and winter our days here are overcast. That thought led me to research where some of the nicest places are in the US. This is what I found:

According to the Farmers Almanac the best city for weather is:

YUMA, ARIZONA—number one on our list because average precipitation is 2.65 inches, 17 rainy days per year, and number one for sunshine with 90%. It is third among the least humid cities, with an average relative humidity of just 38%. The drawback–—summer temperatures average at least 100º F from June 4 to September 24, and 105ºF from June 22 to August 26. But, hey, it’s dry heat!

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