Feb 9, 2012

Old Photo Thursday

(found this image on Pinterest, could not find initial source)

What a cool photograph. There are so many things that I enjoy about this picture. Let me just talk about a few of them... I enjoy how the photo was taken in 1898 and is so crisp and clear. What wonderful quality! I enjoy that the two men on the left have both of their feet on the pedals and are holding each other up. I enjoy the mustaches. I enjoy the man on the right with his laid back stance and pensive look. I enjoy the mountains in the background, where are they?? And lastly I enjoy their outfits. The funny thing about this picture though, is that you can find similar images to this today...can anyone say "hipster"? The hipsters of today are totally stealing the style of these authentic 1890's hipsters. I love it all!

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