Jan 26, 2012

Old Photo Thursday

This photograph is a good one to follow last week's photo, in continuing with things on wheels as a theme. Not that I meant to have a theme, but it seems to be happening on its own. Oh the life of blogs...
So back to the photo. This is my Grandpa Carl. Cute boy eh? I especially like the bowl haircut. This picture reminds me of the simple things...like tricycles and playing outside. I was having an email conversation with my mom recently about kids and technology. Technology has provided a quick fix for parents these days to the point that kids are growing up glued to technology rather than playing outside. My cousin (who got an ipod for Christmas) is just one of the many. I am sure that it is easy for parents to calm their kid down with an ipod, ipad, or iphone, but what happened to the days of tricycles and making stick forts? I'm not a parent so I am definitely not one to talk. I just get a little scared about the day that I decide to raise a child in this world full of technology.
So back to the picture of my grandpa. It is a lovely picture and fun to think about the simpler days of life.

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