Jan 3, 2012

My Projects: Pallet Table

Pallet Table

I have been obsessed with pallet furniture for a while now...even before it went mainstream. Pallets are such simple constructions that can be found almost anywhere because everyone uses them. Granted, most pallets are not very nice. They have been thrown together out of crappy scrap wood, treated with chemicals, and then thrown around. Because Andy works for a solar company I have been begging him to get me some free pallets. His answer is always that the pallets they use are no good. Boohoo! Finally, he came through in December and brought home some pallets. I was like a girl on Christmas morning, giddy with joy! These pallets were huge, sturdy, and in great condition.

The pallets started about twice the size as they are pictured on the left above. So Andy cut them in half for me. We then nailed them together as you can see in the picture. I spent a few hours one day sanding them so there weren't any rough edges or splinters. Then, I lacquered the whole thing to make the wood look nicer. We debated on letting it sit flat or putting wheels on it, but after realizing how heavy it was we decided on wheels. I love it! It came out so nicely. Now we can store books in it and move it around easily.

-2 wooden pallets: Free
-sandpaper: $1
-lacquer: $5
-wheels: $4 each, $16 total
Total: $26

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