Dec 14, 2011



This is the future folks. Check out this thing called O.R.B. It is a wireless mobile communication device. Pretty much a cell phone that is an ear piece, but can turn into a ring. Get this, it provides bone conduction audio, so that you can hear it without putting it in your ear. It also has military grade seals and gaskets so that it is waterproof and can be worn anywhere!

How does it work you say?
The website says this:
"The ring vibrates, alerting the user to an incoming call, text message, or event reminder. The user can glance down at the finger and see a horizontal streaming message of caller I.D. or meeting schedules. If accepting an incoming call, the user twists open the O.R.B., slips over the ear, and begins the conversation. If declining incoming calls or texts, or dismissing event reminders, the user can simply push the cancel button with the O.R.B. still idle on their finger. When not in use the ring serves as a time device/alarm clock. If the user would like to silence a call he/she can simply touch a button on the band."

Pretty crazy! I'm sure we'll all be using these things in 5 years. We all knew it was coming...

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  1. Three years have passed. Humans don't seem to have made much progress making batteries.


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