Dec 13, 2011

My Projects: Mosaic Plant Table

Mosaic Plant Table

Andy and I had quite the busy summer. We have an active alley behind our row-house with all sorts of trash. We love it! It's like they say, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.' You won't believe all the valuable furniture people throw away. At one point our back porch was overloaded with bits and pieces of furniture that we had hopes and project plans for. Alas, we only had so much time, so unfortunately a lot of that was sent back into the alley by the end of the summer. This is one particular project that made it though. I call it my plant table.

The main part of this table was a counter-top that had been tossed in the alley. Andy sawed it in half for me with some my request. Then we nailed Home Depot legs on it and put up some barriers around the edges so that I could have a well inside to pour concrete. Then I mixed the concrete (with my hands, I will NEVER do that again!) poured it inside and laid out my mosaic work. The concrete was pretty fast drying, especially in the heat of the summer, so laying the mosaic tiles happened quickly. I wasn't able to be as much of a perfectionist about it because of that, but it still looks ok.

-old countertop: Free
-wooden legs: $2 each, $4 total
-wooden edges: $4
-cement: $8
-tile, old plates found in thrift stores: $4
Total: $22

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