Dec 21, 2011

Healthy Stocking Stuffers

Andy and I are pretty healthy people. Yeah we like occasional junk food, but like I said it is very occasional. We eat fast-food maybe once or twice a year. I loove to bake, so that is usually where we eat our sweets and unhealthy foods.

So that said, Andy and I enjoy filling each others Christmas stocking's with healthy fun snacks. I have so much fun going to Yes Organic Market or Whole Foods and perusing the isles for fun munchies. We're also not huge on stuff and junk, so by doing snacky stocking stuffers, we don't clutter up our house. Rather, the stocking-stuffers are eaten in the follow weeks after Christmas.

Here are a few of the things that will go into Andy's stocking this Christmas:

Mango-Jalapeno dip, I also got him some flax chips to go along with this.

Sea-salt dark chocolate. This stuff is amazing!

Superfood Bar. He can keep this in his truck for last minute meals.

Soy Ginger Ramen. He can keep this in his desk at work for a snack.

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