Nov 25, 2011

Ankle Boots

I find that I go through shoe obsessions. I'm sure this happens to most women. When it happens to me though, I find myself walking the streets with my face turned down just to find the current shoe that I am obsessing over. Then when I find it, a feeling of pride and excitement comes over me...unless of course the girl is wearing the shoe all wrong. And by 'all wrong' I mean my own meekly personal opinion of what does not look good. Like I said, it's an obsession phase. It happens with clothes too. So if you can't tell, my current obsession is the ankle boot. I think they are so cute and streamlined-looking on the foot. I just want to clap my hands and jump up and down when I see these shoes. I have yet to decide on which lucky ankle boots will go home with me...I'm thinking the teal one's above may be the winners.

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