Mar 7, 2013

Green finds for St. Patties Day

I love a good excuse to get dressed up, so obviously I am giddy for St. Patrick's Day to arrive! Lately I have seen a lot of the mint color in fashion. In fact, last weekend I just tried on a pair of mint jeans. What fun. I will be excited to see green and mint being worn this St. Patrick's Day, especially since green is my favorite color. Here are some fun items that I have picked out to help you figure out what to wear for the impending shamrock day, March 17. Enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day
Information on individual items Here.

Green dress, $42 / Retro inspired dress / Green cotton dress / J.Crew sports shirt / H&M shirt, $23 / Short skirt / Old Navy / Skirt / Topshop / Old Navy top sider shoes / Michael Antonio colorful heels / Pieces leather shoulder bag / Anthropologie swarovski crystal jewelry / Charlotte Russe jewelry / Kate Spade / Sunglasses

Feb 11, 2013

Hot Pink!

In honor of upcoming Valentines Day I figured I would post some fun hot pink images. I have seen pops of hot pink around lately and can't get enough! The more I see it, the more I want to keep seeing it. Hot pink was once a little girls color, but it is quickly becoming a fun statement. I have always been a fan of pink, but now I don't have to feel ashamed about it. Bring on the pink...and make sure it is hott!

Jan 8, 2013

For the love of Gold

Lately I have been LOVING gold! At first I thought it was a holiday thing. Pretty gold ornaments and dresses caught my eyes. Then the holidays passed, but I continued to look for gold. For every little pop of gold that I see, I get a little excited. It's the small things in life right?

Image via Turquoise & Lime

All other images not marked are via The Gifts of Life or EmilAnton.

Dec 20, 2012

Short hair lust...

I'm loving this haircut...wonder if I could pull it off. Bangs are a special thing. You never know how they are going to act until you get them. At that point it could be too late, or it could be the best risk you've ever taken. Ya just never know until you try...

Aug 31, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Here's to a weekend of beach umbrellas and suntanning! As summer winds down I hope you take advantage of these last warm weekends. The beaches will be emptying out as kids go back to school meaning more room for you and me!

Some other fun things:

Avocado salad recipe. I've been eating a lot of this stuff lately, but I like to add tomatoes to mine.

I could waste a lot of time on this picture blog.

I LOVE these mugs!

Aug 30, 2012

Jill Sander Spring 2012

Here's another summery fashion show as summer winds down. Jull Sander makes ready-to-wear collections, but some of the stuff in this collection is a bit 'old lady' in my opinion. Some of it is fun, with fresh patterns and cuts, but not all of it.


Aug 24, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Here's to a weekend of romantic horseback riding?? Hmm, probably not, but I think I'll enjoy the outdoors in other ways. If only we all looked this good on a horse. I am usually too scared about being bucked or falling off to look graceful on a horse!

Some other fun things:

This is a beautiful necklace. I enjoy the blue and antique look.

I enjoy out-of-the-box art like this. So much detail!

Yum chocolate!

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