Jul 5, 2012

Nudie Postcard :)

Isn't this old postcard wonderful? I randomly found it online yesterday, but couldn't find the true source of it. I'd love to hear the story behind this one. Who doesn't enjoy a good streaking story?

Recently I was at the beach with some friends and discovered that one of my friends had never gone streaking before. (Now this was a shock to me, because I have been streaking since highschool.) The conversation didn't continue for long, but then later in the evening while walking with another group of friends back to our house (4 long blocks) we happened upon some clothes and shoes on the sidewalk. We discovered they were our friends clothes!! She had decided randomly to take a little nudie jog back to our house. When we got back she was wrapped in a towel with a big grin on her face. There's nothing quite like feeling the warm summer air on your naked skin.

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