Jul 16, 2012

Iced Coffee

I'm sure you've already seen this version of iced coffee this summer. And if you haven't, then get on board! Not only is it more than simple, it is super delicious!

I worked at a coffee shop all through college and this was actually something we did there. We never offered it to customers, I'm not really sure why, but us employees loved making it for ourselves. We did have a select few customers who knew about it, so they would also order it. Otherwise, it was our secret.

I had completely forgotten about making this kind of iced coffee until Andy made too much coffee the other day. (Now I also see it all over Pinterest.) So I took the extra coffee and poured it into ice cube trays. We forgot about it for a few days, but one particularly hot morning (we don't have AC!!) we remembered the coffee cubes in the freezer.

All you do is fill a cup with frozen coffee cubes and add milk...or in our case Almond Milk. Almond Milk is sweeter so you don't even need to sweeten your coffee if you go this route. Obviously this version of coffee is for those who like cream in their coffee. Otherwise, this won't work for you.

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