Feb 13, 2012

My Projects: Refurbished Dresser

Refurbished Antique Dresser

This was another glorious back alley find. Andy and I were walking to brunch last July, when we happened to glance down an alley. Lo and behold what do we see...this dresser! It was in bad condition, almost not worth a second glance. When we looked around though, we were able to find all the drawers for it, so Andy ran home and grabbed his truck. Lets just say we never made it to brunch that morning. :)

We went back and forth about how to finish this bad boy. Should we sand it down to the natural wood and varnish the whole thing to make it shine, or should we give it a funky paint color. I won in the end with a funky paint color. And obviously I chose turquoise, as it is my favorite color. We started by sanding the whole thing, drawers included. Now that was a task! There was some damage to the sides and the bottom, so Andy sanded the sides down and added some boards to the bottom to stabilize the dresser and cover the damage...so smart that man. Then we got to painting. We painted a few coats which took about a week. Then we bought these cute silver handles, screwed them on, and voila!

-solid wood dresser: Free
-sandpaper: $5
-wooden baseboards, found around the house: Free
-paint, left over in our basement: Free
-silver handles: $2 each, 20 total: $40
Total: $45
We sold it on craigslist for: $500!!

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