Jan 23, 2012

Weekend in pictures

It was a relaxing weekend. Enjoy some pictures from our little corner of DC.

This weekend DC had its first real snow. It snowed Friday night and then a bit of rain on Saturday morning put a nice layer of ice on top. We did a lot of napping, but we also got out of the house on Saturday night.

While out Saturday night we met the a guy who never takes off his concert bracelets. (Pictured above left.) New trend? I am obviously not in the know on this trend... The other picture is of Andy and his beautiful hair. This weather does wonders for his hair!

I love the cozy feel of snow on the weekend. We pulled out our couch bed and had a huge cuddle fest watching movies and drinking tea. Can you spot the dog?

Chocolate chip cookies make lazy weekends all the better. I highly recommend this recipe. The cookies are amazing! They practically melt in your mouth. Lastly, a picture of me heading out Saturday night. Some friends of ours threw a Vietnamese New Years party and cooked some really amazing food.

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