Jan 17, 2012

My Projects: Wall Collage

Andy and I recently moved apartments. This large white wall has been staring me in the face everyday so I finally did something about it. In our last place I had printed a bunch of large photographs (that I had taken) and framed them all with plain black frames. I hung them in a collage style too, but they had a much simpler feel. This time I wanted to do something a bit more three dimensional and fancy. So I spent the last few weeks/months looking for these vintage frames. It is always fun to have a specific item in mind when hunting vintage. Luckily DC has some great finds! Finally I had the frames that I wanted so I took some old family images, some art I had done a while ago, art that a friend had done, and some photographs, all combined with the vintage frames and voila! I am quite pleased with my little collage of pictures and frames.

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